71% of all app users churn within 90 days.

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful – Jeff Bezos

I have more than 50 Mobile application and yes that’s not a lot because in the Google app store there are more than 2.8 million. I download an app and if I don’t like it I delete it within a week and not wait for 90 days. That’s the challenge developers are up against. For me the most often used mobile app are:

1.    Google Maps            Navigation

2.    Facebook                  Social networking

3.    Microsoft Outlook   Email

4.    WhatsApp                 Messenger

5.    Transit                       Navigation

Each of these apps plays a unique role in our daily lives and as humans, we are in constant need to seek out more and more information. For me most of my searches are ‘want to know’ and ‘want to go’ and most of my searches happen out of the home and on the move. These are micro-moment, often referred to why one uses a particular app, there are 4 micro-moments and a few facts about these micro-moments are:

Image result for want to know , what to go

This 5 mobile applications are important to me, Google maps has changed the way we travel, now we can travel to most of the popular destination across the world and not get lost, Facebook has made the world a smaller place-we can connect with the people we love and stay connected with them all across the world, It is an engaging platform since it has moved the connection from just physical letters and long distance telephone call to instant photos, comments, likes etc. Microsoft outlook keeps me updated about the official communication and offers and promotion from various companies, WhatsApp messenger to be updated on gossip and transit to make my commute on time.

User experience is very important when using an app and hence user behaviour change over time from positive to negative, I often face challenges while using the outlook mobile app to check my emails. I sometimes consider to completely shift to using Gmail, as we have seen Gmail is a much more stable system, Also most of the consumer today have at least 3 emails account and hence if the consumer annoyance happens then there might be a permanent shift to the best service provider. Hence make sure UX testing is done while making any changes to the mobile app.